Projects worth 32 billion euros needed for Recovery Fund

As announced by the Prime Minister’s office, the fund has five cycles, namely Employment and Social Cohesion, Digital Governance, Infrastructure and Transport, Productive Transformation and Private Investments. In each "cycle", projects or other actions can be included up to a specific budget, without meaning that in the end there will be no changes depending on the proposals submitted by the ministries.

K. Mitsotakis on Kassiopi Project: A strategic project in tourism, creation of jobs

Kassiopi Project, budgeted at over 120 million euros, entails construction on 7 pct of an area of 49.5 hectares (495 stremmas), which will remain green. It will involve a 5-star hotel with 90 rooms and 76 suites, and up to 40 separate luxury villas. It is expected to create 1,000 new jobs to begin with and 500 new jobs once completed, and will include a marina for nearly 60 yachts along with resupply stations.