Greek PM with small bag of handouts at keynote economic speech

According to sources, the package of measures includes a reduction of the solidarity tax and social security contributions with a time frame of one year, in 2021, and their possible extension, depending on the course of the health crisis and the budget margins. The government's careful and conservative moves on tax breaks are also aimed at holding onto resources to deal with emergencies and unforeseen situations in the economy.

Mitsotakis warns of risk of accident occuring between Greek, Turkish forces

Mitsotakis also stressed that Greece is also mobilizing its diplomacy, notifying friendly nations and alerting allies and partners. "We are not alone in this effort. The immediate response of the European Union to our request to convene the Foreign Affairs Council confirms that this is not purely an issue of Greek-Turkish relations. It concerns the relations of all of Europe with Turkey," he said.

Mitsotakis: Europe must send out a message of solidarity and financial support

Accompanied by key ministers and speaking after a meeting with Ionian islands' regional officials, he added that Greece «will salvage what it can from this year's tourism season, with the safety of both visitors and residents a top priority», and added that preventive measures at Ionian islands will intensify as they are nearing the opening of tourism from Great Britain on July 15.