Mitsotakis warns of risk of accident occuring between Greek, Turkish forces

Mitsotakis also stressed that Greece is also mobilizing its diplomacy, notifying friendly nations and alerting allies and partners. "We are not alone in this effort. The immediate response of the European Union to our request to convene the Foreign Affairs Council confirms that this is not purely an issue of Greek-Turkish relations. It concerns the relations of all of Europe with Turkey," he said.

Turkey must turn theory into practice, Petsas says

"A diplomatic marathon has already been announced in the coming days and we are waiting to see how it develops. On Monday, the prime minister will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and on Tuesday with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Regarding refugee-migration, we are on the same grounds with Germany in order to proceed with a Dublin 4 review in August, not now, which will definitely have a burden-sharing mechanism."