Restaurants, bars and catering businesses to close at midnight in Attica

All restaurants, bars and catering businesses will close from 00:00 until 07:00 in the region of Attica, the islands of the Saronic Gulf and the island of Kythira until August 24. Hardalias urged for the use of face masks to people returning home from holidays in highly burdened areas and recommended the use of face mask at all indoors facilities. when the necessary distance is not possible to be kept.

Greek budget records primary deficit of 8.199 billion euros in Jan-July

The preliminary budget execution figures for the seven-month period showed a deficit of 2.086 billion euros in the general government balance. The primary result for the same seven-month period in 2019 was a surplus of 1.763 billion euros. Net revenue totaled 23.106 billion euros, down 17.7 pct from budget targets, while the total budget revenues amounted to 25.940 billion euros, down by 14.7 pct from target. Tax revenues totalled 22.678 billion euros, down 13.6 pct from target.